4 Home Decor Trends via The Philadelphia Flower Show

4 Home Decor Trends via The Philadelphia Flower Show

I recently attended the 2024 Philadelphia Flower Show with my mom for a mommy and daughter date. It's always something I look forward to because it signals that Spring is on the horizon. This flower show is the nation's largest and longest running horticultural event. This year's theme is "United in Flowers" and we were definitely united. I feel like flowers do that to you especially during the wintertime when things are cold, and depression is a high. When you walk into the convention center, you can't help but stop and smile, talk to other flower friends while smelling the freshness of the tulips, trees, roses, and the hundreds of other flowers that are on display. 

As, I walked through I couldn't help but notice four trends that would certainly brighten up your home as the Spring season steps in: 

Spring is coming so why not get a start on it now and start reaping the benefits of these trends. I couldn't help but be inspired by all of the colors, fragrances, and being around people celebrating the unveiling of a new season. My mom and I had a great time taking in all of the flowers and enjoyed each other's company. Cheers.


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