BHM 2024: Meet Our Black Creators

BHM 2024: Meet Our Black Creators

We celebrate our black creators all year long however in honor of Black History Month, we will celebrate the black creators that help make The Collective by RaeFarrell great. 

Folkus: Brooklyn, NY

While amplifying black folk and stories, Folkus creates sustainable and multipurpose stationery, gifts and greeting cards.  Inspired by her grandmother, owner, Tamecca S., uses Stone Paper to create sustainability in their products. Stone Paper is made from calcium carbonate that is found in limestone rocks, marine organisms and eggshells. Stone paper is resistant to water, grease, bacteria and rips. Their rolls of wrapping paper can be used as gift wrap, drawer liners, backdrops, beverage wraps and more.

Black Pepper Paperie: Washington, DC

Black Pepper Paperie Co is an art and design studio owned by Hadiya Williams. Operating out of Washington DC, Black Pepper Paperie Co. focuses on hand-made and one-of-a-kind ceramic objects, pattern design and wall art. It centers its inspiration on the cultural influences of the African diaspora.

Walker Noble Studios: Los Angeles, CA

Walker Noble is about connecting beautiful works of art with enthusiastic new owners. As a Black-owned company, one of the guiding principles is that everyone should be able to enjoy art. Walker Noble Studios is a convenient and interactive space for both art enthusiasts and collectors to find pieces that cater to a wide array of tastes. 

The Modern Bloc: New Orleans, LA

Toni Point is the owner of The Modern Bloc. She has a deep passion for printmaking and has been a printmaker for nearly a decade. Her work primarily consists of modern and geometric prints, inspired by nature, architecture, and textiles. 

All Very Goods: Washington, DC

With All Very Goods, representation matters. We imagine an alternate world where the celebration and appreciation of diverse histories and cultures are part of everyday life. Their designs use history, illustrations, graphic design, textile patterns and symbols from Africa, Asia and Europe to create products that are visual metaphors for a shared history and present experience. All Very Goods product lines includes bandanas, totes, pins, greeting cards and wrapping paper. These goods use the same patterns, symbols and history in a way that creates conversations and that can be shared from one person to the next.


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