Your Home Should Talk

Your Home Should Talk

Does your home talk? It should. Your home should inspire you, comfort you, and excite you. Your personal space provides an opportunity for you to explore things about yourself or to share with guests. It contains clues about your personality. You can tell your story through art by collecting prints and different objects that you love and resonate with. It's a real-life mood/vision board.  Your home should say where you are, where you're going, who you are, where you're from and what you like. Your home should yield fun collections like your favorite vinyl's displayed, coffee table books, artwork, vintage furniture and other items.

In our home you will find a collection of original fine art from emerging black artists across the states and internationally. Each piece tells you about what matters most to my husband and me. There may be an overarching theme but it's not on purpose. We just buy what we like and what resonates to our family as a whole. Will some be of value...I'm sure but we don't worry so much about that right off the top.  Interestingly, I personally love coffee table books. So, I collect them as well; books in a variety of topics from cooking to art, to travel. I use them as a way to extend my love of art but in book form. In a world where everything is basically digitized, actual books bring me joy. The covers with textures, and the artwork the author chooses to set the stage for the book are art in itself. It is taking it time to curate but that's the best part for us. Nothing we purchase is rushed and the home grows as we grow. It will age like fine wine. 

We have started to curate print artwork and objects here in the shop from various artists that can help you begin to add some of your personality on your walls. Be on the lookout for more as we continue to curate more items into the shop. Until the next blog...curate intentionally. 

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